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Black Dog

A constant stream of needy, abandoned and neglected dogs, 

frightened and lonely, find comfort and care at AFA. Not only do they receive the necessities - food, shelter, and medical treatment - they find patience, kindness and often the only love they have ever known. We take caring for our shelter dogs to a higher level, making homemade food for those that refuse to eat, placing blankets in every cage for comfort and warmth, walking each and every dog several times a day to relieve boredom and frustration.


Our mission is to not only help the dogs that come to us, but to reach out and help dogs in need outside of the shelter.  We assist community members with training, basic care and food.


Your donation goes directly towards beds, toys, extra medical care, and training of the shelter animals. It also helps fund outreach programs designed to assist members of the community with their pets so that these animals can stay in their homes and not have to be relinquished to the shelter.  


Animals for Adoption is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit and greatly appreciate all donations.

Using ICA

Animals for Adoption is a member of Independent Charities of America (ICA), and many employers will match your charitable donation.


Make a donation in any amount directly to Animals for Adoption using any major

credit card!

By Mail

To donate by check,

please mail it to:


4628 Route 209

Accord, NY 12404

For Volunteers

We need volunteers to:

  • take dogs to the vet

  • socialize puppies

  • take dogs to training classes

  • walk & play with shelter dogs

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