Our top priority has always been to allocate 100% of all donations to the care and well-being of our animals, and we will continue to do so.  Now, we must make a specific plea for funding to repair our long u-shaped drieway because its disastrous state has begun to impact the care of the animals.

The driveway, with years of constant traffic and no maintenance -- because it would have been at the expense of animal care -- has become rutted, gutted and full of cratered potholes.  This winter, with unprecedented snowfall, it became a hazard -- and a greate expense -- to plow.

With advanced erosion, the driveway's grading has deteriorated, causing flooding inthe shelter basement and in tand around the building.  This is a direct threat to our heat, water and electrical functions.  We, and more importantly, the dogs, cannot survive another winter without making critical repairs, including grading and resurfacing.

We have a reasonable estimate of $30,000 to do this work.  Please, can you help with your donation of $25, $50, or any amount you can afford ot help us reach our goal?  You can make a concrete diffence!

Donate today to our driveway fund!