Our Canine Community Center to Open Soon


APRIL 2017 will mark the Grand Opening of our Canine Community Center.

A place where our friends and neighbors, dog lovers and their 4 legged pals from all over Ulster County

will be able to participate in classes, evening seminars, dog sports and even a food pantry.

Thanks to generous grants from the Platt Family in memory of Andy Stallman  (for renovating the building) and ASPCA (for program support)  we’ll soon be offering a whole new level of activity at our ever evolving shelter.

Animals and their companions welcome.

More details to follow


A Model Shelter

A widely praised model shelter, we have recently under gone some exciting changes, and are rewriting the rules of sheltering. Yes, we take dogs in and adopt them out. We also go beyond that to give as many dogs as possible functional roles that benefit the dogs, their owners and the community. We have been actively developing partnerships and unique programs that are examples of our new theme,

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Dogs and People Working Together




About the Shelter

The Animals for Adoption shelter provides an innovative, low stress environment for sheltered animals. Dogs are kept in their own rooms complete with furniture, toys, and bedding. They listen to music and are handled and played with every day. Animals for Adoption’s involvement goes on even after an animal is adopted, providing lifelong behavioral help and free training. 


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Animals for Adoption is a member of Independent Charities of America (ICA), and many employers will match charitable donations. To donate and have your donation matched click the following link: https://www.independentcharities.org/donate/?c=322